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Help Your Baby Sleep

Are you the parent of a child who just will not sleep through the night?
Can you barely get through the day because your child was up all night but won't nap either?

I'll give you the tools that enable your child to learn how to sleep independently,
giving you both much needed rest.

You'll have peace of mind that your child is healthy, happy and well-rested.

Sleep & Health

Did you know that it is during deep, consolidated sleep that we develop the connections and pathways in the brain that lead to skill development? Healthy sleep habits make for healthy children and it’s no secret that well-rested children are more energetic, playful, happy and eager to learn.

My Approach

Sleep is arguably one of the most important aspects to leading a healthy life. Every child has the innate ability to sleep well and independently. However, it is important to know that this is a learned skill. As parents, it is our responsibility teach and guide our child to sleep on their own so that they are able to use that skill throughout their lifetime. I give you the tools to reach your goals regarding your child’s sleep and give you the confidence you need to implement them.

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What My Clients Say

"I came to Blue Moon Sleep Solutions for help a month ago. I have a 2 1/2 year old who has never constantly slept through the night and needed one of us to lay with her to fall asleep or was always getting up in the middle of the night asking to snuggle. With a new baby, I knew I needed to get some help. Christie went through the program that would help me succeed in getting both my kids to sleep. Number one rule - consistency!

My 2 1/2 year old would sometimes be up 7am until 8:30pm with no nap (I would try to get her to nap and all it would end up in is a fight for 2 hours - which would leave me more exhausted then her, I'm sure) which left me little to no me time to recharge for the next day. Bedtimes would drag on and on and would be frustrating for both me and her. With Christie's help, she made a plan that worked for our family and now there is no fight for bedtime! I say it's bed time let's go read a book and she runs for her bed excited to read that book.

With my 3 month old, she showed me that self soothing is good for her and that she can put herself to sleep. This helped when my oldest daughter would be loud running through the house or driving her car up and down the hallway. I no longer get up to feed her in the middle of the night and if she does get up, she knows how to put herself back to sleep without the bottle or rocking.

Both girls used soothers and for a year and I had been thinking lots about getting rid of my oldest's soother. I should have bought stocks in them, I went through that many. Between leaving them behind or losing them or waking up in the middle of the night helping her find it in the bed cause it fell out of her mouth. It was annoying. Now neither of my girls use soothers with Christie's help in showing me that they both can self soothe themselves to sleep. It's such a relief that I'm never double / triple checking to see if I packed them.

Christie was always a text or a phone call away. She was always checking in to see how they slept and if we needed to make any changes to make it work for us. She was the confidence booster that I needed some days.

I don't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep since having kids, but sleep training has made a world of difference!!! I would recommend blue moon it to anyone who's littles keep them up at night!!"

-B.M. (Daysland, AB)

"When I contacted Christie to help my family with our sleep habits, we were desperate to say the least. We had a 2 & 1/2 old spitfire who thought he was the boss, and a six month old who loved nothing but mommy cuddles. We used to spend two to three hours a night getting the boys to bed. I’d be nursing my younger one and my husband would be arguing with our toddler that it was in fact time to go to sleep despite all of his arguments otherwise. On top of the nightly struggles, our daytime sleeping was no better. One a notorious cat napper and the other who refused to nap, had outbursts over the littlest things and was hitting and biting for no reason. I felt like an absolute failure. Insert Christie. Over the last three months, our lives have changed drastically. My toddler now goes to bed without argument (most nights) and falls asleep within five to ten minutes after we read him books. He does not nap anymore as he is at the age where naps are not required, but that works for us now since he isn’t hitting and biting unless he’s overtired from a weekend away, and he isn’t as argumentative throughout the day. Sleep training not only changed his sleeping habits, but his whole behavior while he’s awake. My now 10 month old can fall asleep on his own and sleeps 12 ½ hours a night, with two 1 ½ naps during the day. I don’t feel like a complete failure anymore and I couldn’t have done so without Christie’s help. I recommend her to anyone who will listen. Moms need all the help they can get and she is the answer to getting your kids to sleep!" - B.E. (Mundare,AB)

- B.E. (Mundare, AB)